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Ella: So if he doesn't go to your school, how do you know him again?
Emily: I ran into him a few times on my way home from school. Remember that car crash I saw? He was actually there too, just on his way to work. Or, no, from work.
Ella: I don't think you've ever said that before!
Emily: I probably didn't think to, 'cos we didn't make friends for a while after.
Alan: On his way from work? What does he do?
Emily: He's a cabinet maker. Back then he was still an apprentice, but yeah.
Alan: I don't know how happy I am to find out you've been meeting tradies after school. And without us knowing.
Emily: But - He's just - We were only hanging out in the park and stuff! What difference - I have very high standards in friends!
Ella: She's fine, dear. I'm glad you're finally going to let us meet some of your friends, Emily!
Emily: Yeah! I'm excited!
Alt text: Ella, thinking: 'jeez louise your daughter is a strange one, but thank god she isn't remotely as bad as YOU were at her age'