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Emily: You mean-? Are you sure? If you change your mind at any point, on the night even, just say and-
Zoe: Emily, I think this is completely insane, and I want to see whatever the heck happens.
(They walk back to the others, who are now in some other conversation.)
Why wouldn't it matter to him? It matters to you, clearly.
Angie: But who HATES green!?
Jad: Well -
Markus (to Emily and Zoe): Did you guys sort it all out, then?
Zoe: Yep, I've decided to allow it. What's the issue here?
Jad: Ange didn't ask Tim for any input on her formal dress and is now cross that he won't wear a tie that matches.
Zoe: Oh no, I get that! Do you think you could match with accessories?
Angie: Maybe.
Jad: So do you two have dresses yet? Wanna go shopping together?
Zoe: Yeah ok!
Emily: Ella's bagsed shopping with me but if we don't get one first go, yeah!
One of the boys: Is that a girls only invite or are we boys allowed to come?
One of the girls: Of course you can come!
Alt text: Angie was expecting more sympathy when she brought up her relationship woes