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Zoe: ... ... You say he can pass, right?
Emily: Yeah. People might get weird vibes but they don't think much of it, it seems. We'll come up with a backstory, in case anyone asks.
Zoe: ... Did you say his name is Darryl?
Emily: Yeah. First name I thought of just now.
Zoe: Have you got a last name for him?
Emily: Oh... that might come up, mightn't it?
Zoe: Yeah probably! I dunno!
Emily: ... How weird is it if it's the same as mine, d'you reckon? Should I say we're some sort of cousins? Or it's coincidence? It's fairly common... Or should we change it?
Zoe: ... Why does he have your last name?
Emily: He needed one for his email account, so I gave him mine.
Zoe: ...
Emily: Well, he's family! Also we're not very creative, apparently. But it's obviously not, like, official.
Zoe: ... Maybe it will be good, to see him in a nicer situation.
Alt text: ok so we haven't got the backstory YET, but i swear, it'll be really well thought out and watertight. i can see we should have settled the name first though