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Emily: Haha, it's been so long since I've called him that, I totally blanked.
Zoe: Wait, did you say Dee?
Markus: Emily's bringing a mysterious friend called Dee to the formal.
Zoe: You are!?
Emily: I was going to ask you before confirming anything, but, yeah.
Abe: Do you know him?
Zoe: Can we, um, talk about this?
Emily: Yeah! Of course.
(They walk a short distance away where they can't be overheard.)
You seriously asked - that - to our high school formal!?
Emily: Yeah but he only said yes on condition that you're ok with it. He won't come if you say no.
Zoe: ...Me!? I'm your only concern?
Emily: Yeah.
Zoe: ...
Alt text: alright everybody just wait here while i get zoe to arbitrate on my social activities rq