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Emily: Heh, sorry Jad! Extra pointless argument, too; he wouldn't even care since he's not really a guy.
Abe: What!? So he is a girl?
Emily: No, he's neither?
Abe: A hermaphrodite?
Emily: No! I forgot the word, but it's not that. ... I think.
Jad: How else could he be neither?
Emily: I don't know, he just is! It's a thing.
Jad: Is it?
Angie: Harrison, you know this stuff, don't you?
Harrison: I've got no idea! I don't know it all! I don't think "hermaphrodite" is the polite term, though.
Abe: It's not? What is?
Harrison: Intersex, pretty sure.
Emily: And if you MEANT "does he have a dick or what", I'd say that's SUPER rude!
Harrison: Yeah.
Abe: Alright, sorry! What's Dee short for, then?
Emily: ... Darryl.
Alt text: Actually I think you'll find he's quite tall