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Jad: The table lists are up! I took the liberty of putting all our names on one.
Harrison: Great, thanks Jad!
Emily: Oh are there still spaces free?
Harrison: Why, are you bringing someone?
Emily: I've asked a friend, yeah.
Jad: What!
Angie: Ooh, a "friend"?
Emily: Yes, a friend. A regular friend.
Abe: Since when do you have other friends?
Jad: You're not shipping in your pen pal, are you?
Emily: Haha, no.
Abe: Who then?
Emily: Just my friend Dee.
Abe: What school does she go to?
Emilly: He doesn't go to school. He's a few years older than us.
Abe: He!? What kind of guy is called Dee?
Emily: What do you mean?
Abe: It's a girl's name!
Emily: No it isn't!
Abe: Yes it is, my American cousin's called Dee!
Jad: Guys, it's unisex, calm your tits!
Alt text: Olive would take more convincing probably