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Ella: Come in, are you coming inside? I was - Oh!
Dee: Hello, you must be Ella, it's lovely to meet you!
Ella: You too! Emily never brings her friends around.
Dee: Sorry, I'm shy.
Alan: What's there to be shy about? I was only about to procure a shotgun and start polishing it at the kitchen table.
Ella: Dear...
Dee: I - what? Really?
Emily: He's joking. He just can't wait for one of us to bring home a boyfriend he can hassle like in the movies.
Alan: Which Emily assured me you're not, so my efforts at intimidation would be wasted anyway. Not that you're the height to be intimidated...
Dee: I don't think that's determined by height; I'm very nervous!
Alan: Ahaha! You're alright.
Alt text: everyone be cool