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Ella: Come into the good light, I want some photos of you before we go. Oh, just look at you both!
Dee: Yes, I meant to say, I'm sure you look beautiful, Emily!
Emily: Thanks! You look great too, actually!
Dee: Are you kidding? I look like the friggin Slenderman.
Emily: Oh my god you DO!! Except the tie, he doesn't wear yellow.
Dee: Well, exactly, I couldn't wear black or red!
Emily: Where did you get it?
Dee: It's the same kind of fabric as usual, I just had to borrow it.
Emily: Ah, I -
Ella: Stop talking and smile, you two!
Emily (doing bunny ears on Dee): Ok! Is this where you want us?
Ella: Yes but stop that!
Alt text: everyone knows slenderman's a babe tho