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(Dee and Zoe laugh awkwardly.)
Alright, we'd better be off, leave these kids to it.
Ella: Wait no let me get a photo of you all!
Jad: Wait there's Angie and Tim! Ange! Come get in the photo!
Ella: Ok got some! Thank you! Bye! Have fun!
Everyone: Seeya! Bye! Nice to meet you! G'night! Bye! Bye Emily's aunt!
Angie: Zoe! You did it! It looks amazing!
Zoe: You think so? It might go frizzy again later, but I bought that stuff you said to try -
Jad: Are those your natural curls!?
Zoe: Yes! I think I'll try to keep them like this! Angie gave me tips on how to have real curls instead of a nightmare mess, so...
Emily: You look so beautiful!
Harrison: That style suits you so well!
Angie: Gorgeous!
Jad: You look great! But I hope she told you I gave her those tips first!
Alt text: sweet sweet validation