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Emily: Oh cute we've got little place cards! I thought it'd just be a list.
Jad: Ugh yeah you don't wanna know the arguing on the formal committee about that.
Angie: Do we have to sit where our names are, do you think?
Someone (probably Jad): Nah it only matters for dietary requirements. As if we couldn't just pass a plate around -
Zoe: Do you want me to swap with you? I don't mind sitting next to him.
Angie: Oh! No I - it's not -
Zoe (swapping the place cards): It's ok, it's a thing, I get it.
Angie: Oh it is? Thanks...
Dee: When is the dancing?
Emily: I dunno! I think we have dinner first.
Dee: Ok!
(They are sitting for dinner, Zoe chatting (indistinctly) with the person on her other side, Emily having a plate put in front of her.)
Alt text: I came here expecting to dance and to make everyone uncomfortable and so far there's no dancing