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Dee: Am I freaking out over nothing?
Emily (still whispering): No! This is crazy new and scary for you, and a bunch of people are seeming... less than comfy with you. I think it's fine, but that's me. Do you want to leave?
Dee: ... ... No. I want to dance. It's fine. It doesn't matter if people don't like me. They don't know what I am. They're still having fun, and I can too. It's all fine.
Emily: That's RIGHT! You're doing great!
Dee: And I'm not emoting too much, am I? I'm trying to do what you said...
Emily: GREAT! So so good! A little shyness and nerves is perfectly ordinary! Also, take as much time as you need, but now I'm here I do actually need to go, so... would you mind?
(He leaves, and exits the mens bathroom again.)
Alt text: also i want to get back to my dinner before somebody takes it away