↓ Transcript
(Emily and Dee are in her room; she is studying at her desk, he is on her bed using her laptop.)
Hey Dee, can I tell Markus about you?
Dee: ~SIGH~ Good job, you lasted a whole week, wow.
Emily: I was only asking.
Dee: Why, though. Why would you need to tell him.
Emily: I don't need to. But he seems kinda insecure about you and I think he can tell I'm hiding something. So I'd like to clear that up. And we're dating now so that's a step up in intimacy...?
Dee: Not necessarily, from what I - Hm. Actually, you'd better tell him.
Emily: Wait, what?
Dee: I have something to - Huh!
Emily: What?
Dee: Zoe emailed me?
Emily: She what!? Is everything okay?
Dee: Yeah, it's... fine!
Emily: What does she say?
Alt text: hey don't check your emails right when you say something like that??