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Harrison: Ominous! That's a good word! You do have a sort of ominous air, don't you.
Dee: Oh... sorry
Zoe: Aw, leave him alone, just because he looks like death...
Abe: Hah! I reckon it's Emily's influence. What do you expect of a friend of hers?
Jad: What does that make us?
Emily: You guys are my friends? Aw!
Abe: Speak for yourself!
Iris: What are you all doing, why aren't you in the queue?
Harrison: Waiting for everyone to arrive, you ungrateful sod! We have time!
Iris: Well I'm here and Ange and Tim aren't far, so I think we'd better...
Jad: Methinks you protest too much, you-
Abe: I stick to my guns, unlike some people who pretend that-
Alt text: oh... even in florals...?