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Emily: ... I don't really owe anyone this, and I'm not always gonna work at the nursing home, am I? And this is why I wasn't doing any from other homes... But, still, I did promise, so...
Dee: Yeah.
Emily: So I think I should ask someone to be there, but then it's - should I give Mary the dates before I go, or would you text her for me, closer to the time?
Dee: Mm.
Emily: Dee? Are you listening?
Dee: Hm? Yeah, I am! Sorry. I, um, got distracted.
Emily: Huh! What by?
Dee: I dunno. Sorry? You were saying? About Anne and Martin...?
Emily: I'm just not sure what's best... Which would draw less attention? If I know this far in advance, that's inexplicable... but so's knowing from a great distance, so!
Dee: Yeah, that's a toughie...
Emily: Either way, it'll be pretty clear I don't do it by smell or something, like Amy does... Will that seem less or more murder-ey? How worried should I be about that? I suppose we could pass a Zener test if I had to, but I'd rather not... I think I'd rather text closer to the day, but that's up to you - would you send those for me? Is that different for you from my mail? ... Dee?
Alt text: lots of reasons to not get certified psychic