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Emily: Oh... Faaark.
Dee: Nothing but rubble in its orbit now. Everything gone - Billions and - I don't understand - I don't - I try to understand but it's - Who could do that? Who could make such a decision? Who could kill everyone - everyone - billions and billions - they didn't have anything to do with it - they're all dead, all blown up - except some of the little extremophiles - darling darlings - they'll be okay, clinging to bits of rubble in space - but everyone else - they're just gone - everyone - species and species - all innocent - and now all the other planets are going to have rubble raining down for - and all their orbits will be thrown off, the oscillation - the tides - all messed up - none of their business - who could - who could!?
Alt text: extremophiles not necessarily in the sense of LOVING these new conditions, but not hating them as strenuously as everything that died instantly