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Dee: - and what do I care? What do I - What’s it to me if I get a whole planet at once instead of bit by bit later?
(Someone walks past with their dog; the dog greets Emily and she pats it briefly before they continue on their way.)
Why should I be so - angry! that someone would push a button like that? Everyone dies, everyone, I’m going to kill everyone - you and all your friends - Abe’s right - I’m going to - and I go to the movies like I’m not going to kill you all -
(Emily makes a screen in front of the two of them which shows the wall behind them.)
but why does it matter, why do I care, I shouldn’t - I wish I didn't - I don’t understand anything - I’m so stupid, everything’s so stupid, I don’t know what to do -
Emily (removing her earbuds which she's had in this whole time): You’re not stupid! That’s AWFUL! That's absolutely horrific. I'm so sorry that that happened to you!
Dee: Me!? Nothing happened to me!!
Alt text: no more dog pats. time to emote