↓ Transcript
Dee: And it doesn't matter how awful it all is! There's no way to make it not awful! Or maybe there is and I just can't see it. Because I don't know anything! Anything I think I know is wrong!
Emily: Dee, that's not true.
Dee: Yes it is! What do I know about anything! Apparently I didn't have to be so fucking lonely all this time - I didn't even know I was lonely. What an idiot! Why do I have to feel all these things! I hate it! I hate it! I feel so bad and I want it all to stop!
Emily: Shhh. It will, Dee. This will pass, you'll feel better again.
Dee: I know but that's bad too! How do I really feel about anything if it always changes? How can - Today I'm sad and angry and confused - but another day I'll go rewatch it for fun!!
Alt text: naming some feelings is at least something!