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Emily: What do you mean, what's Auschwitz? You were there!
Dee: All I know is that people kept dying there. I never found out what it was for.
Emily: Um... That's what it was for. It was a death camp.
Dee: Why would anybody go to a place like that? Were they criminals?
Emily: No... Not really?
Dee: Why then? Why did they die?
Emily: But you were there! Why don't you know?
Dee: I'm not stupid! I just... I never find out anything but what the dead tell me, and they're rarely talkative. Even when they do say something it's always about their loved ones or their regrets, never current events. And those people never said a word. They all just held hands and I carried them out of those awful rooms and I don't even know why because nobody tells me what's going on!
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