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Emily: ...
Dee: Sure, I could probably have asked, or had a look around to see if I could figure it out, but... Asking the dead always seems rude, and I was afraid of what I'd find out. Have you ever had that? Where you really want to know the answer to something but you're afraid it might be... terrible?
Emily: Yes.
Dee: So I just hoped there was a good reason... and people went in and died and I took their souls away... and then a little while later there'd be more for me to take away... and then more... Hey, there was some kind of war going on at the same time, wasn't there?
Emily: Yes. The Second World War.
Dee: Was it anything to do with that?
Emily: A... a bit, yeah.
Alt text: 'excuse me, why have you died? why has this awful thing happened to you?'