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Dee: Oh, ok. How?
Emily: Well, um... the people who built the death camps - the Nazis - they also wanted to take over the rest of the world... and that started a massive war.
Dee: And who were the people in the rooms?
Emily: They were people the Nazis didn't like, for various reasons.
Dee: Enemy soldiers?
Emily: No. They were mostly just ordinary people.
Dee: So they didn't do anything at all? Why did they have to die?
Emily: Just... the Nazis didn't like them.
Dee: That's it? Do people normally just kill who they don't like, then?
Emily: NO! No they don't! The Holocaust was mass murder! I don't think I can explain it all properly to you...
Alt text: i am 14 years old and not remotely qualified for this conversation!