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(Emily rubs sunscreen all over her face then pauses for thought.)
We don't have to go surfing, if you don't want.
Zoe: What? No - We can go surfing! I just - I'm - I'm not into girls, okay? Just so you know.
Emily: Right, so that's what this is. Do you truly assume everone who's into girls is into you specifically?
Zoe: N-no! I got - I got worried, because of -
Emily: A little homophobia? A bit of gay panic?
Zoe: I'm not homophobic!
Emily: What the hell!! I come out to my boyfriend, my best friend, and my frenemy, and the frenemy's the only one who's cool!?
Alt text: if emily got a facebook account and discovered you actually cannot set a 'nemesis' relationship status she would instantly delete it