↓ Transcript
(Emily and Zoe are putting on sunscreen.)
Soooo! You and Abe, huh?
Zoe: Oh... yeah, haha.
Emily: Is this... a thing now?
Zoe: I dunno. Probs not.
Emily: Oh? How come?
Zoe: I dunno. He's tryna go to Canberra next year anyway, so.
Emily: Oh, yeah.
Zoe: It's kind of a non-issue.
Emily: Still, there's time. There's so much summer first - results are still weeks away - here
(She smears some sunscreen onto the back of Zoe's neck; Zoe jumps with alarm).
Oh! Didn't mean to make you jump! I was just giving you my excess sunscreen.
Zoe: Right, yes, thanks. I'm good, though.
Emily: Oh... okay
Alt text: slip slop slap etc etc etc etc