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Emily: Why what?
Markus: Why would you do that? If we're together?
Emily: ????? It's not about you?
Markus: It kind of is, if you're looking for all the other people you could be with instead of me.
Emily: I'm - Markus, I'm not shopping around! I wouldn't cheat on you as a straight girl, and I won't as a bi girl! Okay!? I'm - Why wouldn't being in my first relationship make me think about what that means, and the difference between different types, and ways to like people, and - all that?
Markus: But why announce it? Who cares if you could hypothetically also date a girl, if you're not?
Emily: Because? Maybe I want to share who I am with the people close to me? Such as my boyfriend?
Markus: Sorry, I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just trying to understand.
Emily: Well you are being a dick! And a baby! Get over yourself!
Markus: Okay... I'm sorry...
Alt text: Also my penpal is a lesbian, this line of thought did actually start before our relationship, if that soothes you at all, ya drongo