↓ Transcript
Markus: I can’t believe it… Abe and Zoe!
Emily: I know!!
Markus: But why would they have sex where we could hear them!?
Emily: Babe… they probably also heard us.
Markus: Wh- oh noooooo
Emily: Guess we’re all learning more about each other than we asked for!
Markus: Do not want!!
Emily: Oh well! It’s only a little embarrassment. Not a big deal.
Markus: Heh… Hey, so, um… you’re… bi?
Emily: Um, yeah, I guess so.
Markus: … exactly… how recent… is that?
Emily: What do you mean?
Markus: Like… since we’ve been dating?
Emily: Sort of? Maybe? Not entirely? I don’t know?
Markus: … Why?
Alt text: speaking of things that are not a big deal and that I am totally capable of being cool about