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Emily: Dee, if you think this through and really decide, for actual reasons not just self doubt, that there is no good way for you to impact the world outside your duty, then fair enough. But you have to honestly examine that. You have to think about what you want, for you and the world, your values, your needs, and your capacity to meet these things. I reckon there's a balance you can find, between action and inaction.
Dee: ... I want to be a person. I want to be here, really here. Part of the world. Even leaving footprints. And I want... the world to be better for it. My being here.
Emily: Yes!!! And it is!
Dee: ... Maybe not. But noone can do anything about that but me, right?
Emily: That's right!
Dee: Okay. Thanks.
Emily: Any time! Now show me some rocks and stuff.
Dee: Ohh, I can show you fresher stuff than rocks...
Alt text: if Venus turns out to not have currently active volcanism after all, i don't care (for the purposes of this. otherwise i am very interested)