↓ Transcript
Ella: Emily, why didn’t you tell me you were going to dye your hair?
(Carmine plucks curiously at a strand of her hair.)
Dee: Wow, how’d you do that?
Ms Harrison: Emily, that makeup is inappropriate for school. Please go wash it off.
Emily: It’s not makeup. It’s my shriveled gothic soul leaking from my eyes.
Ms Harrison: Either way it’s not to be on your face at school. And might I add that if that’s the state of your soul you should go meditate or do volunteer work or something to nourish it.
Emily: I’ll keep that in mind.
Dee: At least she didn’t think that was rude.
Emily: Yeah, Ms Harrison’s pretty awesome.
Alt text: nobody was surprised, except for Dee who never noticed that it was possible to alter hair colour even though people have been doing it for thousands of years