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(Panels showing Emily sleeping in her attic room; the sun and moon over the ocean; Emily and Dee walking around on the rocks, looking in rock pools.)
Emily (having picked up a shell):
Look, there's a snail inside.
Dee: Don't kill it!
Emily: What? I wasn't going to. Why would I?
Dee: I don't know. Put it back in the water.
Emily: I will, I'm just looking at it though. It's got a little trapdoor. They're so hard to get off the rocks...
(A panel of Emily reading on a couch next to a Christmas tree, while Maddy and the older boy cousin are sitting on the floor.)
Ella (from out of frame):
Emily! Maddy! I'm going into town to finish the shopping, alright?
Emily: OK, seeya.
(Alan's sister, also out of panel: Sorry to drag you out here every year just when you want to get the Christmas shopping done...
Ella: Oh not at all, it's good to get it done early.)
Cousin: Hey, Emily, do you want to play cheat with us?
Emily: Not really.
Maddy: Oh, but Carmine and Phillip don't want to anymore. And you can't play cheat with only two!
(A panel showing Emily catching a wave on her boogie board, and Dee bodysurfing in a casual pose (he has also taken his robe off and is shirtless).)
Don't look so smug! You can't even catch waves!
Dee: So? I'm moving aren't I?
Alt text: is it harder to actually HAVE mass and have to balance timing and forces and position every time you do anything, or to have to do a good enough IMPRESSION of having mass that you don't uncanny-valley everyone when you move or accidenally clip through things etc? if you've been doing it as long as you can remember either way, it's probably of a muchness. emily needs to become a ghost to find out the truth (and dee needs to .............. possess someone?? is that possible???? (no))