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Dee: What are you doing now?
Emily: Burying my legs. The sand's really warm. Also I get dry.
Dee: I have an easier way to get dry. Intangibility, activate! (All of the water that was on him falls to the ground.)
Easy for you, maybe. But why are you still wearing your cloak?
Dee: I like it. Why?
Emily: We're at the beach. It's hot.
Dee: Seriously Emily, what is it with you and getting me to strip off?
Emily: What is it with you and never changing your clothes?
Dee: They transform.
Emily: Doesn't count.
Dee: Hmph. Well, I guess I'm not as gross as you, so I don't need to.
Emily: Maybe. But must you wear a big heavy black cloak all the time?
Dee: It's actually a robe.
Emily: Whatever.
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