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Emily: See, look! Hobbes is moving stuff. But he's not a real tiger!
Dee: Obviously, Calvin is moving it and imagining that Hobbes is.
Emily: Precisely my point!
Dee: I'm sure he realizes that he's doing it! It's not an unconscious delusion!
Emily: No but look - when they make sculptures... (She flips though to find a certain page.) Look! Hobbes makes things of completely different styles and tastes to Calvin! Calvin can't be consciously doing that! Look, they're arguing about it!
Dee: Maybe Calvin's just really good at characterization. Or Hobbes is actually real.
Emily: I doubt it. But either way, you see what I mean, right? It's impossible to tell!
Dee: No, it really isn't, because I can move things you wouldn't have a hope in hell of shifting.
Emily: Where are you going?
Dee: Outside. Come on, I'm going to prove this point.
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