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(They are walking slowly back into the house.)
But what if it's a dream and you can wake up?
Dee: Then you'll wake up eventually, so stop complaining. Enjoy the dream.
Emily: Not if it's like the Matrix.
Dee: That's not a dream, that's an illusion. And anyway, I haven't made up my mind about that.
Emily: About what?
Dee: About whether I'd prefer to stay in the Matrix or wake up. The real world sucks in those movies.
Emily: I would want to wake up. I'd rather know the truth.
Dee: Yeah, well, that's why people keep thinking about this stuff, but why do you care about the truth? What does it actually matter?
Emily: It matters because... well you want to know what's real, right?
Dee: Circular reasoning there, Emily. I'll leave you to find your way out of that one.
(Emily frowns.)
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