↓ Transcript
Emily: My guess is that even the ones who do remember learn to not believe it.
Death: Good, that’s kind of the aim. But why didn’t you?
Emily: I don’t know. Maybe I would have, eventually. Who knows? Anyway, I’m hungry. You want anything to eat?
Death: I don’t eat.
Emily: Oh, ok. We can keep talking, though, if you like. You can sit down.
(She makes herself a cup of instant soup.)
I have never done this before.
Emily: Really? What do you do all the time?
Death: Uh... my job.
Emily: Nothing else?
Death: No.
Emily: Are you the only one doing... that?
Death: The only Death? Yes.
Emily: How does that even work? There’d have to be someone dying nearly every moment...
Death: Almost two humans die every second. Not so sure about the others, they’re harder to count.
Emily: The others?
Death: All the other life forms.
Emily: Makes even less sense. It’s the Santa problem all over again. How can you possibly get to every single death if they’re all at the same time?
Death: Time travel.
Emily: Ah. Of course.
Alt text: Nobody has ever invited Death in for snacks. ;_;