↓ Transcript
Emily: Is your job ever boring or depressing?
Death: Maybe. I never really thought about it.
Emily: Why do you do it?
Death: It is my purpose.
Emily: Do you have a choice?
Death: No.
Emily: Why not?
Death: Well, you didn’t choose to be human, either. I am what I am.
Emily: But we can take our lives if we want. Can you do that?
Death: No.
Emily: Why?
Death: I don’t know. The laws of the universe, I guess.
Emily: Is that why you don’t talk to people? Is it the Law?
Death: Not at all. It’s just best if living things don’t know about me.
Emily: So why are you talking to me?
Death: ...
(Emily slurps her soup)
I don’t know. Maybe I should leave.
Emily: No! I didn’t mean leave, I just was... wondering... If this was, I don’t know, legal.
Death: Well good. Because this is interesting.
Emily: Yeah, this is the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to me. ...Except for that first time, which I barely remember.
Alt text: Questions to ask new acquaintances: are you able to commit suicide?