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Emily: You know, I actually remember you better than I remember my mum.
Death: Really? I don’t remember you at all.
Emily: Really? My mum died of lung cancer. I was four, and blonde.
Death: And I told you the house metaphor.
Emily: Yeah.
Death: Sadly, still no luck.
Emily: Do you honestly talk to that many kids?
Death: No, hardly any, I told you. But you change. Plus, the time frame is eternity.
Emily: As if I’m that old.
Death: I don’t know how old you are. And I’m constantly going back in time, it passes different.
Emily: Well – hey, my aunt and cousins are home early. You better go, after all.
Death: Ok. Well, have a good life.
Emily: I think you said that last time.
Death: I probably did. Bye.
Emily: Seeya. Wait! Do you have any friends?
Death: No, why would I? ... Do you?
Emily: No.
Death: Oh. Bye.
Emily: Wait! Can we talk again? Soon?
Death: Uh... ok. I’ll try to remember who you are next time.
Emily: Ok! Bye!
Alt text: I just need to... establish that we're both loners... for reasons