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(Emily's Aunt, Ella, and her cousins Maddy and Carmine arrive home.)
Emily! We’re home!
Maddy: Netball was cancelled; the coach was sick.
Carmine: Did you see the car crash?!
Maddy:: It’s in our street!
Carmine: There was a truck smashed right into a car!
Emily: I know. I saw it happen.
Carmine: Really? Was it huge?
Emily: Pretty big, yeah.
Ella: Go get changed, girls. You saw it? Do you know if anyone was very badly hurt?
Emily: The truck driver was fine, I think. The driver of the car died.
Ella: Oh my god! Are you sure? I only heard both drivers were taken to hospital.
Emily: He definitely died. I... I was holding his hand.
Ella: Oh my god! You were? Are you ok?
Emily: I’m fine. It’s nothing new, is it?
Ella: Oh, Emily, are you sure?
Emily: Yeah. Honestly.
Ella: ... Well, don’t forget to talk to me if you need to, ok?
Emily: Ok.
Ella: And now you’d better get out of your school uniform.
Emily: Ok. ...Ella?
Ella: Yes?
Emily: Thank you.
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