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Dee: Ok... but what happens with presents if you don't have a party? It was... hard to find on the internet.
Emily: What do you mean?
Dee: I mean... are your friends supposed to give you presents, even if you don't have a party?
Emily: Uh... only if they want to. ...You didn't get me something, did you?
Dee: It's... it's ok if I did, isn't it?
Emily: You did!? That's so sweet of you!
Dee: I just... I just hope I didn't get it wrong.
Emily: What is there to get wrong?
Dee: I don't know, everything?
Emily: Have you ever heard the saying, 'It's the thought that counts'?
Dee: No.
Emily: Well, they say that about presents. Honestly, the fact that you even thought of getting me something is just...
Dee (getting something out of his pocket): Right... Well... here goes.