↓ Transcript
Emily: You could have warned me.
Dee: If I had warned you, it wouldn't have been nearly as funny.
Emily: FUNNY!? It was not FUNNY! I'll give you FUNNY!
Dee: Alright alright. Are you going to stop punching me or will I drop you again?
Emily: YES.
Dee: ... um, I'm sorry?
Emily: DO IT AGAIN! again again again again again again again again
(They swoop through the sky together.)
Emily (taking photos while falling):
Woo! Who needs skydiving? Do you know how much people pay for this, Dee?
Dee: Great! Yet another way to make my fortune, eh?
Emily: How high can you go?
Dee: I have no limit. You, on the other hand...
Emily: That's lame. I know, let's just see how high we can get before I pass out!
Dee: Oh boy, doesn't that sound like fun.
(The sun is getting low in the sky as they soar upwards again.)