↓ Transcript
(The sun is setting; Dee sits as though a cloud is supporting them, with Emily actually supported by his lap.)
(A second Dee appears.) Second Dee: Hey, someone should really be heading back now, because her birthday dinner's just about ready!
First Dee: OK.
Emily: Whoa!
(They fall back down.)
Emily: Isn't it weird, though? That you can duplicate yourself?
Dee: Nah. It is the point of the time travel, after all. I see myself all the time.
Emily: Do you talk to yourself much?
Dee: On occasion.
Emily (being borne lightly to earth in Dee's arms): So what, you have the same conversation twice? Isn't that boring?
Dee: Well I take the other side, of course. It's still not very interesting, though. ... That might just be me.
(In the front yard, about to go inside.) Emily: Oh! Before - your piece of advice - have you ever...?
Dee: Go! Dinner! Birthday! Eat! ...Cake! Shoo!
Emily: ...