↓ Transcript
(Emily takes her books to the school librarian to borrow them.)
Librarian: Ah! The Discworld books! Good choice. What's your name again... Moore... Ah, sorry, you've got six books out already.
Emily: No, I returned those. They're in there.
Librarian: Ah, good. You can still only borrow eight, though. Which ones do you want?
Emily: Hmm. Have you read them?
Librarian: Oh yes. Many times.
Emily: Do they have to be read in order?
Librarian: I'd definitely recommend it, but they all focus on different sets of characters, so you don't have to.
Emily: OK. Death's a main character in some, right? Which ones are they? I think I'll start with those.
Librarian: Ah, that's easy enough. There you go. Oh, and 'The Book Thief'... Do I see a bit of a theme here?
Emily: You do indeed.
Librarian: Alright, well, have fun!
Emily: Thanks. Seeya!
(She leaves the library with her books and Dee in tow.)