↓ Transcript
(Emily and Dee are on the school bus sharing earbuds; Dee is looking pensively out the window. They step off the bus.)
What've you been looking so deep in thought about?
Dee: Hm? Oh, I was just...
(He looks startled.)
Dee: I was daydreaming!
Emily: Um... is that unusual?
Dee: Very! I don't daydream. Or... I didn't think I did.
Emily: Why not?
Dee: I don't know, it's just kind of... pointless.
Emily: Well yeah! So?
Dee: I don't know! Maybe I've been a daydreamer all along and never realised... Or... Huh.
Emily: So what was it about?
Dee: Oh, it's silly...
Emily: Yeah?
Dee: I was just... thinking that if the other Deaths were real then we could... hang out... ...It might be nice...
Emily: Hehe, yeah.