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Emily: That would be nice. I'd ask about the colours that the one in 'The Book Thief' sees.
Dee: Mm.
Emily: It sounds like some kind of synesthesia.
Dee: No it doesn't, there's no... mix-up of sensory experience. He just sees them.
Emily: Why? Where do they come from?
Dee: What do you mean? I thought it was just the actual sky, but he pays more attention and is a bit more poetic about it. They're not unreal colours. I can imagine how a sky could look like that.
Emily: What? Really? I don't think so at all. How do you get a chocolate coloured sky?
Dee: I don't know, at dusk? With certain combinations of smoke and dust? It happens. Just last month, on Black Saturday...
Emily: That was three months ago, Dee.
Dee: Was it really? Well, all that smoke made the sky go strange. I don't doubt that Death's colours are all real.
Emily: That's not the impression I got at all, but OK.
Dee: ... You know, I wasn't sure how they'd do it.
Emily: Who? What?
Dee: The authors. Make a Death character likeable without making dying out to be... I don't know, a good thing. Not that it's specifically a bad thing either, but it's... you know. Noone wants to die. They kept it like that. That was good.
Emily: ...
Dee: And all that with the war... It was like that, except I didn't know about all the politics and what was going on. It was a lot like that... like in that book... People are just so... ... But they understand. Better than I thought they would.