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Emily: You're not the only one who can empathise. We humans pride ourselves on empathy, you know.
Dee: I know, but... It's still more understanding than I had expected.
Emily: I wasn't surprised at all. It's not that hard to imagine you as a nice guy with an awful job. 'Cause it's true.
Dee: Hey! ...well, thanks I guess, but... Don't separate it out like that. I am my job. And it's not awful, either!
Emily: What? But you just...
Dee: Those bits were bad, yes. But the rest is fine.
Emily: It is so not! You've got a terrible job! I cannot think of a single good thing about it.
Dee: Yes you can.
Emily: Those are hardly redeeming features. I'd hate to do your job.
Dee: Good. You won't ever do it.
Emily: No, seriously. You don't even get paid.
Dee: Yes I do. People have tried, anyway. I refuse it because I have no use for money.
Emily: I'm not finished yet! You see tragedies all the time! Horrific stuff. And you don't even get counselling to help deal with it, like the police do!
Dee: They do?
Emily: Pretty sure!