↓ Transcript
Dee: And if I didn't hang around with you, you wouldn't believe in me, and your belief would be wrong. Is it so inconceivable that the same might be true for a god?
Emily: I know! I know! We've already had this whole argument! But you have to admit you make no sense.
Dee: I freely admit that I don't fit with current scientific knowledge. It makes no difference.
Emily: Doesn't it frustrate you that your existence is so illogical?
Dee: Generally not. There's got to be an explanation. It doesn't bother me much that I don't know what it is. Although sometimes I do wonder things like how you can hear me right now.
Emily: Oh? I wonder more about things like where you came from and how your appearance works and the fact that you exist at all.
Dee: No, see, a lot of that makes a sort of sense, if you accept that I'm conceptual rather than physical. I'm exempt from physics - I can deal with that. The thing is, the rest of the universe isn't, so how do I interact with it? Souls have the same problem. And then - I'm intangible right now, but you can hear me talking. I shouldn't be able to make vibrations in the air, but I obviously am, because that's how sound works. But only you can hear me, and you know, I really have no ide-!!
(He stops talking abruptly due to being surprised by something off-panel.)