↓ Transcript
(Emily and Dee are sitting at a café. Dee is using Emily's ipod with one earbud in. Emily takes a sip of her drink.)
Dee: What?
Emily (whispering): I think she gave me soy milk.
Dee: And you don't like soymilk?
Emily: Well... I wasn't expecting it.
(She tries another sip.)
Emily: No, ok, I don't like it, either.
Dee: Can I have a taste?
Emily: Uh, sure.
(He takes a sip.)
Emily: I didn't know you could eat and drink.
Dee: I can't.
(He spits his tiny sip out onto a napkin.)
Dee: But I can taste. I get all the same senses as you do, you know. My senses change with my forms. Except for a few that are specific to me.
Emily: Really?
Dee: Yeah. So I can taste but it's really quite pointless.
Emily: And what did you think of that? Do you like soymilk?
Dee: Well... I don't know. I don't know what a chai is supposed to taste like.