↓ Transcript
(Emily is getting her lunch out of her locker. Dee appears behind her.)
Oh hey. Do you often sit in on my classes?
Dee: Sometimes. Do you mind?
Emily: Not really, but...
Dee: It's not just your classes, I've been going to a number of different schools to listen to classes and lectures lately. Just... learning things.
Emily: Oh? Good for you! Are you sick of just reading about stuff on your own, then?
Dee: A bit. But sometimes it's easier to be taught things. There's a proverb... "Ein Lehrer ist besser als zwei B├╝cher." A teacher is better than two books.
Emily (closing her locker; she also has grabbed a chess board): Depends on the teacher, I'd say.
(They leave the locker room and go outside.)
Yes, but I don't bother with bad teachers. Good teachers are easy to find.
Emily: I suppose it's easy getting into classes if you're invisible.
Dee: It's easy getting into anything. But it's much harder to ask questions.
Emily: Heh, I can imagine. ALthough... what was that before? Can't you turn invisible anymore?
Dee: I can, but not in this form. Not for you.
Emily: Why not?
Dee: I don't know, this happens sometimes... I think you're just too used to me. I can't stop you perceiving me. When I'm like this, anyway, since this is how you conceive of me.
Alt text: One day, an old professor died. This was an interesting experience for him. He hadn't expected there to be an actual Grim Reaper, but he wasn't all that surprised, because he hadn't really known what to expect. What WAS surprising was when the Reaper said, 'Oh! I know you! I went to some of your lectures! I'd never heard higher dimensions explained that way before, thank you, it made so much more sense.' Shocked, the old professor stammered that he'd had no idea who he was teaching. The Reaper laughed. 'I know... I didn't enrol or anything, I just turned up. I hope you don't mind, but you see, it'd be very hard for me to get an education otherwise.' The professor, recovering himself a little, thought that was understandable. He thanked the Reaper for the compliment, and wished him luck with future studies. They shook hands. Then the old man was no more.