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Emily (sitting down and setting up the chess board, in an out of the way place, no longer whispering): This has happened before?
Dee: Yes. And it's never a good thing.
Emily: Why not?
Dee: Because... People go mad, Em.
Emily: Is this like that one guy you told me about? The last person you spoke to? I thought he could always see you.
Dee: You mean Harshal?
Emily: Yeah.
Dee: Yes, he could always see me, but same effect, really.
Emily: Did he really go mad? As in, insane? Or did he just hate you?
Dee: Both. Poor Harshal. Did I tell you about his wife?
Emily: I dunno. Maybe. What about her?
Dee: Just that she died pretty young. He was worst after that. And he wasn't the only one! There've been others who could always sense my presence. And others who learned to. None of them lived happy lives! ... I'm so sorry, Em...
Emily: You really think I'm gonna go mad from hanging around you?
Dee: You're - you're only young, but when the people around you start dying...
Emily: Because that hasn't started already?
Dee: Oh - oh yeah... But Emily, it's going to keep happening!
Emily: I know that. Dee, I'm not going to go crazy!