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Dee: How do you know?
Emily: Well what makes you think I'm going to go crazy?
Dee: I'm just worried you might, because that's what happened to literally everyone else.
Emily: Yes, but you think everyone else is creeped out by your very presence.
Dee: They are!
Emily: And I'm not, so don't you think I could be an exception to the pattern of insanity, too?
Dee: Yes, and that's how I've been justifying hanging out with you ever since we first met. But I worry that this will just be another terrible mistake.
Emily (pointing at the chessboard): Well stop worrying about that and take your damn turn already.
Dee: Oh, right.
Emily: So many people are worrying about me lately, it's ridiculous. You know my aunt and uncle keep asking me if I'm ok, and if the other kids are being mean to me?
Dee: Do they?
Emily: Yeah, they went to parent-teacher interviews and all my teachers were like, "Emily's hostile all the time." I mean, so what if I am? There's nothing wrong! I'm fine! But everyone thinks I'm not. I'm almost surprised noone's booked me in for counselling yet.
Dee: Heh.
Emily: And you'd all book me in for different things! But really, I think I cope pretty well. ... Wait. Unless I cope too well... Do you think I cope too well? Is that the problem?