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Dee: Cope too well with what?
Emily: Well, I've always wondered whether I should have been more upset about that guy in the car crash. He did pretty much die in my arms. I don't know, it was kind of shocking, but...
Dee: Yeah, you did seem pretty calm about that. You also calmed down about your mother fairly readily. I mean, I can't be that good at comforting people! Although maybe you got upset about it again later, I don't know.
Emily: Maybe I'm a sociopath.
Dee: Heh.
Emily: No, seriously, what if there is something wrong with me? God, everybody's been asking lately, maybe there really is. I feel fine but maybe the point is that I shouldn't. Are you really that worried about me?
Dee: No - not like that. I - I really don't know a lot about all this. Maybe I'll go sit in on some psychiatry lectures or something... I'm - I'm sure you're fine. At the moment. I'm just terrified that I'm going to make you not fine.
Emily: I doubt you will.
Dee: We can only hope. Augh! This wind! Aren't you cold, Em?