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Emily: Yeah... I've been thinking about going inside...
Dee: Please let's.
Emily (carefully picking up the chess board): OK. If noone's in the locker room, let's just sit in there.
Dee: OK.
Emily: So does this mean you have all the same sensations as us?
Dee: Yes, I already told you I do.
Emily: But I mean - You told me you have the same senses, but... you feel cold at the same temepratures as we do? And heat?
Dee: Oh, well, as fas as I can tell, I seem to have similar thresholds for heat and pain and whatnot as you. Not that you're all the same, anyway.
Emily: Wait, so you can get hurt?
Dee: Yes. That is, I feel pain. I don't got injured if you... I don't know, stab me, but it'll really hurt.
Emily: That's terrible! What about when you're in a fire? Do you have to just... bear it?
Dee: No. It's annoying, but I can just be intangible. I can make myself numb enough that even heat can't reach me.