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Emily: Or, not human specifically, but... do you ever wish you were alive?
Dee: Nope. HA!
(He gleefully makes a move on the chessboard.)
Dee, you can't move there.
Dee: What? Oh. Aw...
Emily: Why wouldn't you want to be alive, though?
Dee: Well, for one thing I'd have to die.
Emily: ... Oh, the horror.
Dee: What? I don't want to die.
Emily: You know, you say dying isn't intrinsically bad, and then treat it like it's the worst thing imaginable.
Dee: Um, exactly.
Emily: You don't see a contradiction there? I see a contradiction!
Dee: Well, see, it's a bit like taxes. On the one hand, taxes are alright. A good thing, really, since they keep civilizations functioning. But on an individual level, as if you're going to be happy about giving away your hard-earned money. Nobody likes the taxman. I'm the taxman. Dying is like a really extreme tax. You live off other things dying, but then you have to give it all back.