↓ Transcript
Emily: Yeah, ok, that actually does make sense. But you said something like dying's not a bad thing, or that it's nothing to be afraid of, didn't you? When I was four?
Dee: How the hell do you remember that!? I still don't understand!
Emily: You did, didn't you?
Dee: Yeah, but I was trying to comfort you. And I didn't think you'd remember it.
Emily: So you figured you could say anything?
Dee: Pretty much. And it wasn't a lie; dying still isn't a bad thing, on a certain level. But still. So that's one reason. Oh, and I think I'd be way too aware of how many ways I could die, if I were alive. There are so damn many.
Emily: Heh. What else? What are the other reasons?
Dee: Um... gravity. It must be really annoying to have to put up with gravity all the time.
Emily: ... Um, it really isn't.
Dee: But don't you feel like you're constantly accelerating upwards? Even when you don't seem to be moving?
Emily: No. Don't you know what gravity feels like?
Dee: No. I have no mass. I read it described that way, though. Actually wait! I can push myself into the ground at the same rate... ...Yes, this is annoying. And again, it can kill you!